Kids t-shirt design competition: here are the winners!

Over 300 young people entered the competition to design a Greenpeace plastics campaign t-shirt. Here's the pick of the bunch.


We challenged young people to design a plastic campaign themed t-shirt for the Greenpeace shop that people can wear to inspire others and start conversation about plastic pollution and ocean protection.

We were thrilled to witness the exceptional talent and creativity showcased by young artists in this year’s t-shirt design competition.

We saw designs using crayons, paints, pens, highlighters and even reused plastic waste!  With over 300 entries, narrowing down the selection was no easy feat. Next up was the public vote to decide the winner, where nearly 3,000 people chose their favourite design from the shortlist.

Congratulations to Artemus, Polly and Niamh for winning their categories! These winning designs are available to buy now in the Greenpeace shop.

Thank you to all of our incredible young people for shining a light on the issue of plastic pollution, and to everyone who voted. There will be more opportunities like this coming so keep your pencils sharpened!

The winning designs

T-shirt with a child’s drawing showcasing oceans wildlife drawn in different coloured paper with googly eyes stuck on, seaweed drawn with green paper and a seahorse drawn out of different coloured beads. As well as a slogan reading ‘save our oceans’

Artemus’s design won the 0-7 category.

T-shirt with a child’s drawing featuring a circle outline made up of different blue coloured shapes and 3 orange star fish and a slogan reading ‘Plastic Free!’ with the exclamation mark having a heart at the bottom.

Polly’s design won the 8-11 category.

T-shirt with a child’s drawing with a light blue background featuring a light gray iridescent plastic bag as a jelly fish head and green tentacles.

Niamh’s design won the 12-17 category.

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