BP’s net zero announcement – Greenpeace response

Bernard Looney, BP's new boss, has unveiled his plan to tackle the oil giant's carbon problem. Amidst a climate emergency, all the tough questions are being left to his successor to answer


In response to BP’s announcement [1] of their new ‘ambitions’ today, Charlie Kronick, Oil Advisor from Greenpeace UK, said –

“BP’s ‘ambitions’ and ‘aims’ all seem to apply to Looney’s successors, and leave the urgent questions unanswered. How will they reach net zero? Will it be through offsetting? When will they stop wasting billions on drilling for new oil and gas we can’t burn? What is the scale and schedule for the renewables investment they barely mention? And what are they going to do this decade, when the battle to protect our climate will be won or lost?”



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