Committee on Climate Change report – Greenpeace reaction

Greenpeace Chief Scientist responds to the latest CCC progress report


Responding to the latest CCC progress report, Dr Doug Parr, Chief Scientist for Greenpeace UK, said:

“This is a truly brutal reality check on the government’s current progress in tackling the climate emergency. It paints the government as a sleeper who’s woken up, seen the house is on fire, raised the alarm and gone straight back to sleep.

“Having a world-leading target is not enough, it needs to be accompanied by policies which match the target’s ambition on cars and vans, houses and offices, trains and planes. The government can’t keep coasting on the carbon reductions from getting coal out of the electricity system, which was absolutely necessary but by no means sufficient. We urgently need to take the same approach to oil, gas, and every sector with significant emissions. The new prime minister really must take the government’s net zero commitment and turn it into something practically meaningful.”

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