Greenpeace hold up Boris Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister

Activists interrupt PM's journey to meet the Queen, urging strong action on the climate emergency


Greenpeace activists wearing sashes reading “Climate Emergency” held hands to form a human chain across The Mall, stalling the incoming Prime Minister’s journey to meet the Queen. The activists also unfurled a Climate Emergency banner on the ground in front of the new PM’s vehicle.

At the same time Greenpeace UK Executive Director, John Sauven, attempted to hand Boris Johnson Greenpeace’s 134 point Climate Emergency manifesto detailing the wide-ranging policies the new administration must implement to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown.

Despite adopting a major target for ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050, the government’s own advisors highlighted earlier this month that the UK is off track to meet its targets. Greenpeace are calling on Boris Johnson  to “get to grips with the climate emergency” by:

  • Introducing a climate and nature emergency budget that focuses on a new ten year programme of action to put us on the path to net zero emissions
  • Stopping support for damaging projects such as Heathrow’s 3rd runway and fracking
  • Introducing new gold standard environmental laws so we leave our natural world in a better state for our children.
  • Showing international leadership on climate change
  • Guaranteeing a just transition so workers can switch from high carbon to low carbon jobs

John Sauven, Executive Director of Greenpeace UK, said:

“Climate change needs to be front and centre of this new administration from day one. The responsibility on a Prime Minister to act on the climate emergency has never been greater. If we want any chance of leaving a habitable world to our children we need to see action start immediately. We can’t blunder and bluster our way out of this emergency.

In reality the government is simply failing to tackle the climate crisis. It’s not enough to point to world-leading climate targets when too often government policy ignores or worsens the situation by supporting fracking and banning onshore wind. Boris Johnson must get to grips with the climate emergency or be remembered as the Prime Minister who jeopardised our children’s future”


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