Jeremy Corbyn’s “green jobs revolution” – Greenpeace comment

Greenpeace welcomes commitment but emphasises that there is more work to do


Ahead of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at Labour Party Conference today, which is expected to promise a “green jobs revolution”, Greenpeace UK’s head of politics, Rebecca Newsom, said:

“Corbyn’s commitment to putting climate action at the heart of Labour’s agenda shows real leadership. It puts Labour firmly ahead of the Government on creating plans for a low carbon Britain. From boosting renewables on an unprecedented scale, to promising warm, efficient homes for millions and creating thousands of renewable industry jobs, Labour is now taking the just climate transition as seriously as is needed to have any real prospect of avoiding the worst impacts of climate change here and around the world.

“But on some environmental issues, Labour still falls short. Policies to tackle ocean plastic pollution and ensure our oceans are protected both at home and abroad are currently behind the Government – with plenty of scope to do better. And when it comes to speeding up the rollout of cleaner electric vehicles, which could create even more green jobs, and boosting public transport infrastructure on a national scale, both parties are lacking ambition. So while today’s resolve on climate lays down an important challenge to the Government to step up and match it, we need to see much more action in other crucial areas for Labour to win the title of the greenest major party.”



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