A great opportunity to meet your local Greenpeace group

Local Greenpeace groups are hosting welcome meetings online and in-person all over the country. Come and say hello!


2021 involved a lot of heel-dragging from world leaders and greenwashing from polluters, but it also brought a huge wave of public support for action on the climate crisis.

Now it’s time to turn that support into meaningful change! With a new year comes new energy, so why not put that towards a good cause? Joining your local Greenpeace group is a great way to fight for a greener, fairer world.

With over 50 groups across the UK all managed by friendly and inclusive volunteers, chances are there is one nearby waiting to welcome you.

Join a welcome meeting with your local group

But joining a new group can be daunting, so from 22nd to 30th January the local groups will be hosting welcome meetings. Some of these will happen in-person at local venues but there will always be an option to join online via Zoom.

The welcome meeting will provide a space for you to find out more about your local group and ask any questions before you join the normal monthly meetings as a member.

The map below shows the local group welcome meetings across the UK. Find the one nearest to you and you’ll see a link to the event page on Greenwire (our website for volunteers) where you can find all the details, including the Zoom link.

Can’t see an event or local group near you? Come along to our next Welcome Webinar on 26 January to find out other ways to volunteer with Greenpeace.

We can’t wait to meet you!


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