National Theatre breaks up with Shell

Barely 48 hours after the Royal Shakespeare Company ditched its BP sponsorship, another major cultural institution has shown Big Oil the door. More breakups than an episode of Love Island


Commenting on reports that the National Theatre is ending its partnership with oil giant Shell just 48 hours after the Royal Shakespeare Company had severed its ties with BP, Greenpeace UK senior climate campaigner Mel Evans said:

“This week the world of Big Oil sponsorships has seen more break-ups than an episode of Love Island. The curtains are coming down fast on this long-running farce where the joke is ultimately on all of us. As the impacts of the climate emergency play out all around the world, the reputational damage of being associated with the industry fuelling the problem far outweighs any financial benefit. It’s time for oil giants to get the moral of the story, ditch a business model that’s destroying our world, and shift to renewable energy.”


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