Rishi Sunak is playing politics with the climate – Greenpeace comment

Greenpeace's response to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s remarks about weakening green policies.


Commenting on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s remarks about weakening green policies Greenpeace UK’s policy director, Doug Parr, said:

“Sunak is taking the public for fools. He claims he’s helping ordinary people by playing politics with the climate, but we know the real winners will be big corporations like the oil and gas lobby.

“Rowing back on home insulation and commitments to help people move away from gas will ensure we stay at the mercy of volatile fossil fuels and exploitative energy companies.

“It will also spook international investors who will be looking for genuine government commitment on the green economy, costing the UK jobs and opportunities.

“The many scandals we face like the cost of living, inequality, and the energy crisis can be fixed with the same solutions we know will tackle the climate crisis.

“Sunak must explain how we will meet our net zero commitments by rowing back on all of the policies to get us anywhere near it.”


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