Rishi Sunak’s Alan Partridge moment an attempt to drive public to distraction


Commenting on the transport announcements from both the prime minister and the transport secretary over the weekend and in today’s speech, Greenpeace UK’s policy director Dr Doug Parr said:


“Talking about potholes and speed limits after 13 years in government is more Alan Partridge than big-vision politics. And coming from a prime minister who likes to fly around the country on private jets, it’s even more ridiculous. Raising speed limits and clogging up bus lanes will only make congestion and air pollution worse while making our streets less safe for cyclists and people on foot. The best way to reduce both traffic and toxic fumes is by improving our public transport and making it cheaper. We need to see a much more ambitious government plan to improve bus and train services and make fares more affordable. There’s very strong public support for this kind of policy, including among voters in key marginal seats and the Blue Wall. Instead of distracting and dividing the public by parroting conspiracy theories about 15-minute cities, the PM and his cabinet should get serious about giving this country a transport system that’s fit for the 21st century.”




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