So, you want to sue Greenpeace…

Inspired by Succession? Whether or not there's a cousin Greg in your life, here's how you can follow in Uncle Ewan's footsteps and remember Greenpeace in your Will - or just chip in a few pounds today.



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We get it, you’re young, you hate your job, and your Grandpa just donated that sweet, sweet inheritance money you were planning on living off of for the rest of your life to… Greenpeace.

(If you’re not caught up on Succession season three, there are a few spoilers below, so save this article and come back!)

If you’ve tuned in to HBO’s hit series Succession recently, you may have been surprised to hear Greenpeace name dropped by one of the show’s main characters, Cousin Greg. Succession follows an ultra rich media mogul and his family’s quest to retain control of their business, and is an intimate portrait of corporate greed at the highest levels.

When Uncle Ewan, fed up with his family’s obsession with wealth and power, announced that he would be leaving his grandson’s inheritance to Greenpeace, the world was left wondering… ‘why would you leave a gift in your will to Greenpeace?’

While Cousin Greg may not have been fond of the idea, which ultimately prompted him to ‘sue Greenpeace’, we’re here to tell you a few reasons why you should follow in Uncle Ewan’s footsteps and leave a gift in your will to Greenpeace.

Leave a gift in your will

Why you should leave a gift in your will to Greenpeace

You’ve put your heart and soul into protecting the planet. But you know the job’s not finished yet. With a gift in your Will, you can keep protecting our planet long into the future. Like Uncle Ewan, you know that we cannot continue with ‘business as usual’ when it comes to the climate crisis—we need bold action now.

From our beginnings as a small group of activists protesting against nuclear testing off the coast of Alaska, Greenpeace has grown into a global movement for change. Today, for the millions of people who believe in a cleaner, greener, more peaceful planet that can sustain us all, we are the world’s most effective environmental campaigning organisation, and a beacon of hope.

With a gift in your Will, that hope can live on.

Leaving a gift in your Will to Greenpeace is a way to keep putting your beliefs into action, long after your lifetime. Any gift that you choose to leave, large or small, will support our work for years to come. In fact, 1 in every 6 of our campaigns is paid for by the gifts that people leave us in their Wills.

Having an up-to-date Will is, of course, vital to protecting your family’s future. But once you’ve provided for your loved ones and friends, a gift to Greenpeace will help protect the Earth for all future generations.

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With the help of supporters like you, we’ve defied the nuclear arms race. We’ve stood between whales and the harpoons. We’ve protected the Antarctic. We’ve saved rainforests from the chainsaw, and stopped toxic waste dumps in our seas.

With a gift in your Will, we can carry on protecting the planet and everything that lives on it, long into the future. You’ll also be joining the likes of Uncle Ewan who is, out of the entire Roy family, the person we’d most like to sit next to at family dinner.

If you’re not ready to leave a gift in your will, no worries! You can donate to help fight the climate crisis below.

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