The Cambo oil field is in trouble. Your MP can help stop it for good.

It’s official: the new Cambo oil drilling project is on ‘pause’. It’s time to cancel this climate-wrecking plan and help workers transition to clean technology.


Big news: plans for the Cambo oil field have been paused. Just a week after Shell pulled out, the firm behind the new oil field, Siccar Point Energy, have put the project on hold. 

If you’re just tuning in, Cambo is an oil field in the North Sea, west of Shetland. A company called Siccar Point applied for a permit to drill at least 170 million barrels of oil here in partnership with Shell. Burning all that oil would create as much climate pollution as 18 coal plants running for a year. 

If we want to avoid the worst of climate change, we simply can’t keep adding to the world’s fossil fuel supplies. So now Boris Johnson and the UK government need to make the final call and ditch all plans for new oil and gas in the North Sea. This needs to be part of a just transition for workers from the oil and gas industry into renewable energy and clean technology.

Our MPs have the power to pressure the Prime Minister to stop Cambo. If we flood their inboxes with videos telling them why the project can’t go ahead they’ll have to tell Boris Johnson to do the right thing once and for all – stop Cambo and end new oil and gas now.

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If you don’t feel like recording a video, you can also send a tweet.

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