The Lonely Shark – watch Greenpeace’s powerful new animation

This heartbreaking film, soundtracked by Thom Yorke, is based on millions of true stories.


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In a clear, sunlit ocean, two animated sharks – Sofia and Valeria – swim side-by-side.

Circling playfully around each other, they swim past an old shipwreck, then into a rocky tunnel.

Sofia the shark emerges from the tunnel and looks around for Valeria, who is nowhere to be seen.

Casting a fearful glance to the surface, she sees the dark shape of a boat.

Suddenly the water is filled with fishing lines. Dozens of sharks have been caught. 

Their blood stains the water as they struggle to escape the sharp hooks.

Valeria has been caught. Sofia looks around in panic as her companion’s movements grow weaker.

For a moment they’re nose to nose, then the line pulls tight and Valeria is pulled up towards the surface.

Sofia tries to follow, but can’t keep up. Now she’s alone in the vast, dark ocean.

The picture changes to live action footage of sharks being caught. 

A shark is hauled out of the water by a fishing boat.

Crew members pull a shark into a boat with hooks on long poles, and it thrashes around on the deck.

A lifeless and partly decapitated shark is pulled across the deck. 

Finally, another shark’s jaw twitches slightly as it rolls over.

On-screen text says: ‘Overfishing for profit is wiping out shark populations.

In the last 50 years, the global population of sharks has plummeted by more than 70%.

A strong global ocean treaty will protect shark species and revive marine life.

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