How do Greenpeace supporters feel after a year of campaigning – and what do we do next?

Tens of thousands of you took part in our annual supporter survey to share your thoughts on what we achieved together. Here’s what you said.


A lot has happened this year; we’ve faced threats to our climate, nature and communities. Our prime minister changed – twice! But whatever was thrown at us by politicians or corporations, we faced it together.

As we make plans for 2023, it’s time to look back at what we achieved and how we feel as a community. You had lots to tell us; from how much you loved the boulder barrier action at sea to how many of you got involved in The Big Plastic Count. Here are the reflections of Greenpeace supporters across the country.


The single greatest issue

This year we saw far too many of our worst predictions come true – we struggled in 40 degree heat and saw the Amazon rainforest set ablaze. But our community didn’t stand by and watch. We continued to work alongside people all over the world to tackle the climate and nature crisis.

Greenpeace joined thousands of ordinary people who held politicians to account at the UN’s climate change conference, COP27. We challenged our government to scrap new coal and oil and Greenpeace volunteers even tracked and blocked a Russian oil tanker.

Most Greenpeace supporters (55%) who shared their thoughts said the climate emergency is still their top issue for Greenpeace to tackle in 2023. If you’re determined to halt the climate crisis then join thousands who are taking action, whether on the streets or online.

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We make change happen

We asked how effective you think Greenpeace is at different tactics and most people ranked our campaigning as our biggest strength. From the very beginning as a small group of friends 50 years ago, we’ve taken on the powerful and won – and this year was no exception.

We built a boulder barrier to stop destructive fishing, occupied parliament with our allies and interrupted Liz Truss’s Conservative Party Conference speech. There’s so much more to come thanks to your support.

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Exposing environmental destroyers

Many Greenpeace supporters praised our innovative investigations unit, Unearthed, for powering these campaigns too. The team exposed the French government’s pesticides exports and the palm oil industry’s lobbying of European politicians. If you were one of those who told us you want to read more investigations, make sure to check out our investigative work.

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Nothing changes without you

We asked Greenpeace supporters if they felt they played a role in changing the world through our community and most said yes!

This rings true. In 2022, a whopping 1.7 million of you signed petitions, 25,000 of you chipped in to our campaigns, 173,000 of you emailed politicians and corporations and 2,600 signed up to volunteer to take direct action or join a local group.

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Greenpeace = hope

When asked to describe Greenpeace, the most common word people used was ‘hopeful.’ It shows that coming together to change our world for the better isn’t just effective, it’s unifying and beautiful.

Together we hope to build a better world and together we’re determined to do it.

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More ways to be involved

We asked you how you want to be involved in Greenpeace campaigns – the answers were as diverse as we are. More than a third said you’d be interested in joining a local group. More than 50% said you’d attend a talk in your local area. Almost 60% said you’d be interested in donating regularly. There’s no single way to make a difference. We all contribute in our own ways and in 2023 there’ll be plenty more opportunities to get involved in Greenpeace campaigns.

If you were one of those who said you’d like to chip in regularly to Greenpeace campaigns, why not start now to make sure our campaigns in the new year can be bigger and better than ever?

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The road to anti-racism for people and planet

This year, Greenpeace worked with the Runnymede Trust to show that we can’t tackle the climate and nature crisis without tackling racism too. Our report highlighted how the climate and nature crisis have their roots in the horrors of colonialism. We asked Greenpeace supporters what their biggest anti-racism priority was. The top answer was showing the disproportionate impact of the climate and nature emergencies on countries in the Global South.

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Spread the word

58% of those who answered said they talk to their friends, family and colleagues about Greenpeace. Many of you said you wanted to spread the word by wearing Greenpeace’s ethically made clothing. The t-shirts and jumpers are made from organic cotton using renewable energy and no toxic chemicals. They’re also printed to order, so nothing is wasted. Wear yours to start a conversation and inspire more people to take action.

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Thank you to everyone who got involved with Greenpeace this year and to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey. Your answers left us feeling inspired, informed and ready for the year ahead. We know times were tough for us as individuals and as a movement at many points this year, but we had many important victories too. And we know that together we are stronger.

Even while facing a cost of living crisis and a war in Europe, we had each other’s backs whatever was thrown at us. It’s clearer than ever that we must work together to tackle the climate and nature crisis – with direct action, investigations, lobbying, social media and so much more. Here’s to another year working together for the green, fair and peaceful world we all want to see.

There are so many ways you can get involved. Head over to the Take Action page and find your place in the movement for a green and peaceful world.

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