Why I’m blocking a BP oil rig

My friend Jo and I climbed up a BP oil rig and now we're occupying it to stop it from going out to the North Sea to drill for up to 30 million barrels of oil.


On Sunday evening, just as you might have been getting ready to wind down the weekend, me and my friend Jo did something a bit different – we climbed up an oil rig. BP wanted to ship this rig out to the North Sea to drill for up to 30 million barrels of oil. But we had other plans.

We’re now occupying it – to shut down BP’s business as usual, and prevent them from getting to more climate-wrecking oil.

activists on oil rig with banner

BP’s greenwashing

At their AGM this year, BP agreed with its investors to show how the company is “aligned” with the Paris Climate Agreement – the treaty tackling climate change. So drilling for oil, when we already have more than we can afford to burn, is a pretty odd thing to do – but that’s BP in a nutshell.

They say one thing and do another. Just take a look at their social media channels – it’s all wind turbines and rolling hills (they even have a video of a dog running through a field with wind turbines in the background – it makes no sense). Where are the images of oil spills and carbon billowing into the earth’s atmosphere?

How you can help 

Let’s call them out publicly on their lies and green washing. Hit the button, comment on BP’s social media posts and get them to tell the truth – they’re tipping us over the edge into climate breakdown.

Stop BP’s lies on Facebook

Stop BP’s lies on Twitter

We’re running out of time to solve this. And if we don’t, we risk more devastating floods, deadly fires and irreversible climate change – BP need to act fast, and we need to make sure they do.

Me and Jo are stopping BP from exploring for oil right now – and we’re willing to stay here until they get the message. If they want to show the world they’re clean and green this is a pretty bad way to do it. As I see it, they’ve got two choices: go 100% renewable or wind down business altogether.

You can get them to come clean too, just hit the button and tell them you’re not convinced by their green washing – this is a climate emergency and they are pushing us to breaking point.

Some facts for some inspiration:

  • BP, we know that 97% of your spend is still on oil and gas – only 3% on renewable doesn’t make a climate friendly company!
  • To stay below 1.5C warming, BP and other oil companies would need to leave at least 9% of the oil and 6% of the gas from their current wells in the ground

Tell BP you’re not buying their clean, green story – it’s time to tell the truth about the climate crisis.

We’re here to stay 

Jo comes from Scotland and is really not happy with these climate wrecking activities happening this close to home. We’ve got enough supplies to stay here for a few days and disrupt BP’s plans. We’ve also got a decent internet connection and will be spending most of our time scrolling through the comments on BP’s social media page – so it’d be great if you could give us something fun to read.Oh, and if you haven’t already – now is the time to sign the petition demanding that the UK government wakes up to the urgent situation we’re living in and declares a climate emergency.

What's next?