Briefing on spending review and budget – Autumn 2021


On Wednesday 27th October, the Chancellor will publish the Government’s Autumn Spending Review and Budget. This will set out the plan for public spending over the next three years. Questions of tax reform and other short-term measures to support the UK economy as it recovers from the shock of the pandemic may also be considered. The UK currently ranks 6th out of the G7 nations for investment in climate infrastructure.

The Spending Review and Budget is an opportunity to get the UK back on track with a green stimulus. This briefing outlines some of the key priorities to ensure that the UK tackles the climate and nature emergencies at the same time as supporting a prosperous and fair economic recovery. This is also critical for the Government’s global credibility ahead of the UK-hosted COP26 climate conference in November.

The briefing covers:

  • Reasons for a green economic stimulus
  • Government spending priorities
  • Tax considerations
  • Measures the Government should not pursue
  • Emergency support packages for key economic sectors

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