We are looking for more passionate individuals to join our door to door teams, talking to people about our campaigns and inspiring them to donate to Greenpeace. If that sounds like you or someone you know, visit our face-to-face fundraising page for more information.

How you're making a difference

Tackling plastic pollution at the source

Plastic is everywhere. Useful and convenient, it’s also a massive pollution problem. Greenpeace works to protect people and wildlife from plastic pollution by reducing the amount that's produced in the first place.

Helping oceans recover and thrive

Planet Earth is mostly ocean. Yet only a tiny fraction of the oceans are protected. To keep them healthy, we're pushing for a global network of ocean sanctuaries. These will help protect oceans from overfishing, oil drilling and plastic pollution.

Urgent action on climate change

Our climate is breaking down, with rising seas and extreme weather events. Greenpeace confronts the companies and governments driving climate change, and helps build the solutions we need.

Protecting forests and nature

Forests are home to some extraordinary wildlife, and are essential in the fight against climate change. Greenpeace campaigns to protect these amazing habitats from destruction for industrial meat, palm oil and logging.


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In the UK and around the world, Greenpeace campaigns are changing things for the better. From saving the whales to getting rid of polluting cars, we've already achieved some crucial victories for the environment. And it's all made possible with support from people like you.
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By generously donating to Greenpeace, you're already helping to build a better world. But you don't have to stop there! Whether it's volunteering with a local group, adding your voice to an online campaign, training as an activist or organising a talk with a Greenpeace Speaker, there's something for everyone.
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