Our rainforests are the most biodiverse places on earth – with the Amazon home to one in ten of all known species.

Together, we have secured protection for swathes of these incredible forests. People like you have helped to support a landmark Soy Moratorium, brought scientists to undiscovered reefs that lead to a ban on Total mining for oil and worked alongside the Indigenous Deni group in Brazil to be recognised as owners of 1.6 million hectares of the Amazon.

For decades Greenpeace scientists, campaigners and activists have exposed forest crimes, launched groundbreaking research, and fought alongside communities to show the scale of forest destruction and lobby politicians to finally put the natural world first.

Just imagine where our rainforests – like the Amazon – would be if we weren’t there to be a voice for this vulnerable ecosystem.

Again and again, you’ve shown that together we can protect our forests against impossible odds. Now, we need to ask you to do something amazing to keep our forests safe for generations to come.

With a gift to Greenpeace in your Will, you can make sure we’re always ready to fight back against forest destruction. You can help us confront the companies responsible and the politicians willing to turn a blind eye, long into the future.

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