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Hayley Pinto

Hayley Pinto

I’m a doctor and a mother. Four years ago I read something about climate change that woke me up to the urgency and scale of the problem. I realised I had to do what I could, for my kids and to save the natural world I love.

As a doctor I’m interested in the health implications of environmental degradation but I’ve found it fascinating to learn about other aspects: ecosystems, agriculture, economics, energy, etc

I’m passionate about the need to educate and engage communities and individuals. I love teaching and have done talks with schools, university students, health care staff and community groups.

Based in: Marsham
Topics of interest: Any, but in particular climate change (esp. health impacts) and oceans

Jon Yates (Yorkshire)

Mark Crutchley

Mark Crutchley

I have been involved with Greenpeace for over 15 years. Since 2005 I have
coordinated the Norwich group, in addition to which I have been involved in many
direct actions.

I have presented to a wide range of audiences from Primary School children to
University students, business and charity groups, and I have also spoken in a debate at the Cambridge Union.

My working background started in the financial industry but as I became more
focused on environmental issues I went back to university to study Environmental Science at UEA, working as an environmental consultant on graduating.

Based in: Norwich
Topics of interest: Climate change, energy, oceans


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