East of England Greenspeaker – Mark Crutchely

Mark is a Greenspeaker based in Norwich (Norfolk) and he is happy to deliver Greenpeace presentations across the East of England. If you would like to contact Mark, to request he speaks at an upcoming event, then please complete the form below.

Mark CrutchleyAlmost a decade ago I left my job in the financial world to study Environmental Science at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. It was the culmination of a journey which had begun with joining my local Greenpeace network and realising that I cared more about the battles they were waging on behalf of the environment than I did about anything associated with my working life. I think you know instinctively when you are doing the right thing and that made it an easy decision to take.

Now a freelance environmental consultant and organiser of the Norwich Greenpeace Active Supporters network I can put my passion for all things environmental into action. There are so many issues that we need to address that it can seem daunting at times, but there are plenty of areas where real progress is being made towards a more sustainable world and that makes it all worthwhile.

In my role as a Greenspeaker I enjoy talking to anyone who will listen about why saving the environment really is the most important challenge we face today; about how Greenpeace can make a positive difference and about what they can do. I don’t mind if people disagree with me, I welcome the debate if it is a sound one based on facts.

For me, there are two dominant themes in which I am interested, firstly the climate and secondly the loss of biodiversity. Of course the two are connected, but it is the former that I tend to focus more on in my campaigning because it’s the one which I think we in the UK can have a greater impact on. I am lucky enough to have been to the high Arctic, sailing round the Svalbard archipelago, so the current campaigns to Save the Arctic and Stop Shell exploring for oil are very close to my heart. So many people on the streets agree with what we are doing and I would love the chance to talk to many more people about these and other campaigns.

If you would like to contact Mark, to request he speaks at an upcoming event, then please complete the form below in as much detail as possible.

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