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In-depth reports, briefings, investigations and analysis on ocean protection from Greenpeace experts.


10 Conservative government climate and nature blunders

Some ambitious commitments have been made by Conservative leaders during the party’s time in power. However, a mixture of poor leadership, divisive and cynical climate politics, and corporate capture by polluting industries has led to these promises largely not being delivered. This briefing outlines 10 major green policy blunders that have resulted from the Conservative government’s failed approach.


The King’s Speech: a climate battleground

The King's Speech is an opportunity for the government to get the UK on track to delivering its climate and nature targets, while embedding democracy and fairness. Here's Greenpeace UK's take on what should – and shouldn't – be included.

Aerial photo of two squid jiggers sailing in tandem on a deep blue ocean Report

Squids in the spotlight

This report uncovers the huge scale of the global squid fishing industry, which has grown over 10-fold since 1950 and is now jeopardising marine ecosystems around the world.

A map showing part of the North Sea, with Dogger Bank highlighted. An overlay shows the movements of a fishing vessel, and highlights where it switched off its AIS tracking system. Report

AIS dark bottom trawling in the Dogger Bank

This report documents Greenpeace's investigation of destructive fishing practices within an area which is supposed to be legally protected. Greenpeace investigators also discovered widespread illegal fishing activity in the protected area.