Plastics research and analysis

In-depth reports, briefings, investigations and analysis on plastic pollution from Greenpeace experts.

An activist in protective overalls, goggles and a mask kneels in front of a large pile of ash and burned plastic. Laid out in the foreground is a large banner reading 'Wasted land' Report

Game of Waste

This report details the chemical contamination that scientists found in five different dumpsites across southern Turkey. It identified a wide range of toxic chemicals in the ash and soil of all five sites, many of which are associated with plastic packaging or the burning of plastics. It was prepared by Greenpeace Mediterranean.

A pile of plastic waste sits next to a lake or river, with palm trees in the background. Report

Trashed: how the UK is still dumping plastic waste on the rest of the world

The UK is a major contributor to the world’s plastic crisis, generating more plastic waste per person than any other country except the USA. Our recycling system is already overwhelmed by plastic waste. Now our waste is overwhelming other countries’ recycling systems too, causing serious harm to their citizens and environment, particularly in India, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Upstream: microplastics in UK rivers

The UK’s River Mersey contains proportionally more plastic pollution than the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area recognised by scientists as one of the most plastic-polluted expanses of water on earth