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Is eating chicken really better for the environment than eating beef?

Eating chicken is thought to have less of an impact on the planet than eating beef. But the truth is chicken can also wreak havoc on the climate. Producing soya to feed the billions of chickens eaten every year around the world has led to forest clearance on an epic scale, accelerating climate change and pushing wildlife into extinction.


5 new books for young environmental activists

Young people have been making history by taking part in school strikes to demand action on the crises affecting the environment. Here’s a list of five books that would make great gifts for the budding climate activists in your lives.


9 ways to reduce your plastic use at Christmas

The festive season is an excuse to kick back and enjoy ourselves, but it can also result in mountains of wasted plastic. These top tips will show you how to reduce plastic at Christmas and other festivals throughout the year.


Supermarkets putting more plastic on their shelves than ever

Public concern about plastic pollution is at a high, and promises to tackle the problem are pouring out of supermarket PR machines. But new research shows that the plastic footprint of the top 10 UK supermarkets has actually increased over the past year. Here’s the breakdown.

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Top tips for lobbying your MP

With the general election rapidly approaching, Greenpeace UK's Political Lobbying Network volunteers are looking forward to working with the new intake of MPs. For International Volunteering Day, member Fi Radford shares her top tips for lobbying your newly-elected representative in parliament.