2022: nothing changes without you

The victories and power of this movement show us that together we can be unstoppable. And now, more than ever, we all need to bring all our energy, courage and creativity to this fight.


Our world faces a climate and nature emergency and the need to create real change has never been greater. 2022 must be the year for real action for our planet, or we risk the warm words and promises made by governments and corporations being nothing more than, as Greta put it, ‘blah blah blah’.

And we know how to turn those warm words into real action. For 50 years together we’ve confronted some of the biggest problems by standing up to corporations and governments who’ve put profit before the planet.

Now, by standing together again in 2022, we can pressure our leaders to make the big decisions needed to rebuild our future. One that is fair and just for all. The victories and power of this movement show us that together we can be unstoppable. And now, more than ever, we all need to bring all our energy, courage and creativity to this fight.

Watch this video to get fired up for the year ahead, then help spread some inspiration by sharing it with everyone you know.

The year we bring our vision to life

Last year, tens of thousands of you told us about the changes that you want to see Greenpeace pushing for, and it all adds up to a bold vision for a greener, fairer and more peaceful world.

To bring that vision to life, we need to intervene in the two systems at the heart of these environmental emergencies: the fossil fuel energy system and the industrial food system that plunders our oceans and forests.

That means three top priorities for our campaigning:

  • Accelerate a just transition away from fossil fuels
  • Prevent further destruction of our forests
  • Protect at least 30% of our oceans by 2030.

Together we’ll use all of our unique set of tools and tactics to force governments and companies to act. Pioneering investigations. Groundbreaking scientific research. Direct political lobbying. Peaceful direct action. And mobilising millions of people worldwide.

Although COP26 was largely disappointing, 2021 also saw some major victories and big breakthroughs. These only happened because of people like you all over the world: from young activists to Indigenous leaders and communities on the climate frontline. And it provides a springboard for us to push harder than ever for climate justice.

Step up your activism this year

There are so many ways you can make change happen with Greenpeace. Everything you do moves us closer to a greener, healthier and more resilient planet.

If you’ve been thinking about doing even more or trying something new this new year, check out all the ways you can take action with Greenpeace. You’ll find all kinds of ideas there, like joining your local group, organising a Greenpeace speaker, fundraising or lobbying your MP.

Something as simple as sharing our videos on social media can inspire your friends and family to protect our planet and to pass our message on.

And our super-stylish new range of clothing at greenpeaceshop.co.uk is another surefire way to start conversations (while looking great and not costing the Earth).

Let’s get to work

The challenges we face are huge, of course. The world needs Greenpeace now more than ever. But your support, and the support of so many people like you, means we can meet this critical phase for our planet’s future head on.

Thank you so much for everything you do. Let’s work together for a better future. Because nothing changes without you.

Support Greenpeace in 2022

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