3 podcasts for climate activists

The climate fight can feel overwhelming and all-encompassing. Podcasts – immersive audio experiences requiring little effort beyond the simple act of listening – can help.


Here are three podcast suggestions which can help provide a sense of community and solidarity for activists who feel like they’re shouting into a vacuum. You are not alone.

1. Outrage and Optimism

Christiana Figueres is the former executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and a key figure in international climate negotiations. Together with others who worked on the Paris climate agreement, she presents the Outrage and Optimism podcast.

After world leaders failed to reach agreement on tackling the climate crisis in 2009, Figueres drew strength from her outrage and optimism to push for the 2015 Paris agreement. In her podcast, she interviews the likes of Isra Hirsi and Greta Thunberg to discuss the balance required between both outrage and optimism to effect change.

The episode focusing on Greta is particularly inspiring. From one sign in front of the Swedish parliament, to making headlines by saying “how dare you” to world leaders at the UN in New York, Greta’s work – and the work of many youth strikers around the world – has sounded the alarm. Listen to the episode and remember the impact one person can have.

2. Drilled

Combating the spread of disinformation is becoming an increasingly important part of the fight against the fossil fuel industry. Drilled explores the legal battles and media manipulation caused by these large companies to deflect attention from their role in creating the climate crisis.

A special shout-out to episode nine, for discussing the ocean and its role in preventing climate breakdown on a very blue planet. 

Find out more about why we need healthy oceans for our survival.

3. Mothers of Invention

Social justice, human rights and feminism – Mothers of Invention covers these crucial aspects of the climate crisis. 

The podcast considers drought, food insecurity and the impact of the climate crisis on vulnerable groups globally. Amazingly, it’s positive from start to finish. Yet it doesn’t shy away from covering what we need to hear the most.

Each episode is presented by comedian Maeve Higgins and Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland. They profile the inspiring actions of women – the mothers of invention – working to solve the climate crisis. They take us from the front lines of grassroots activism to court rooms and debating chambers all over the world.

A highlight is episode two, in which Yvette Abrahams shines a light on how women farmers in South Africa experience the climate crisis.

If you struggle to feel hopeful, their guests’ experiences certainly inspire action.

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