Experience the Antarctic in Trafalgar Square

As part of Greenpeace's Protect the Oceans campaign, we've brought the Antarctic to you!


Not many people get to see the Antarctic in real time – but in a world first we’re bringing it to you! Come along to Trafalgar Square, the heart of London, and prepare to be transported across the Antarctic Ocean to the world’s last wilderness.

Visit a penguin colony, float on the Antarctic ocean and find out more about this incredible part of the world. Join Greenpeace at our free, family-friendly event and find out first hand why we need to protect the Antarctic.

When: Tuesday 25th – Saturday 29th January, 10am-6:30pm daily.

Where: Trafalgar Square, London

How much: It’s a free, family friendly event.

Details: There is no need to book. Throughout the day we’ll be bringing the Antarctic to you, with live streams from penguin colonies and Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise – plus we’ll have campaigners and staff on site to answer any questions about the campaign. Scientists will be undertaking vital penguin population studies. Maybe you can help!

A passerby takes a selfie in front of a large circular outdoor screen set up on a plinth amongst the grand stone buildings of Trafalgar Square. The screen shows someone standing on the deck of a ship in a snowy landscape, speaking to the camera.

A portal broadcasts live from the Antarctic to the heart of London’s Trafalgar Square. The structure (4m tall and weighing almost 4 tonnes) is broadcasting from the Antarctic Peninsula. © Suzanne Plunkett / Greenpeace

What is Greenpeace’s Protect the Oceans campaign?

Water covers over 70% of the planet’s surface. The seas harbour incredible wildlife, provide food for billions and help balance our climate. Yet only a tiny fraction of the ocean is protected. To keep them healthy, we need a global network of ocean sanctuaries that protect millions of square kilometres. These will help protect oceans from overfishing, oil drilling and plastic pollution. But to make that happen, governments must agree to a strong Global Ocean Treaty at the UN in March.

Over three and a half million people around the world have called on world leaders to protect our oceans, have you joined them?

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