Our vision at Greenpeace is a hopeful one – a green, fair and peaceful world for everyone, where people are thriving, and healthy forests and oceans help combat the climate crisis.

Where people live in harmony with iconic species like orangutans and blue whales.  Where fossil fuels have been replaced by clean and cheap renewable energy.

Together we have the power to create the world we all want to see.


What’s your vision of a green, fair and peaceful world?

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Why we're sharing a vision of determined hope

Read why Areeba Hamid and Will McCallum, Joint Executive Directors of Greenpeace, believe that our biggest act of resistance this year will be to stand together - full of passion and determined hope, united in our vision of the world we want to live in.

Areeba and Will explain how we can all help to turn the strength of the environmental movement and society at large into the action we so desperately need. Action that is powered by supporters like you.
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Greenpeace campaigner stands in a waste dump in Turkey, holding up a crisp packet from the UK

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Two climbers wearing helmets and red overalls hold campaign banners on the arm of a crane, high above a beautiful urban sunrise.

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£50 could help fund peaceful direct action, blocking planet-destroying companies in their tracks.

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A small red submarine emerges from dark water, clear domes on top reveal two people inside

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