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A number of people sunbathe on special street furniture sun-loungers (which have side tables next to them) in the middle of a wide, car-free street, surrounded by buildings. There are green leaves in the foreground. Blog

11 places that prioritise people over cars

Car-choked streets. Overfilled, delayed or even cancelled buses and trains. Farcical cycling infrastructure. Transport doesn't have to be like this. Here are 11 places around the world that got it sorted.

Illustration shows various people reaching out and touching floating squares with images representing various crisis Blog

What would it take to future-proof our planet?

Ever feel like the world just staggers from crisis to crisis, without ever fixing the problems at the heart of it all? A new series from Greenpeace Unearthed and HuffPost explores how we can break the cycle, and build a more resilient world.