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Antarctic krill Blog

10 amazing facts about Antarctic krill

With beautiful black eyes and otherworldly translucent pink bodies, Antarctic krill are alien-looking animals. They're massively important for the Antarctic Ocean, but they also happen to be fascinating animals in their own right.

Close up of microbeads on a fingertip Blog

We did it! Microbeads ban comes into effect

After two years of campaigning and 350,000 of you signing our petition, the government banned on microbeads in rinse-off cosmetics and toiletries. It's a great start and paves the way for reducing other types of plastic pollution.

Fannie Lou Hammer is a Black woman. Her mouth is open mid-speech, as she sits and commands the attention of the people surrounding her. Blog

How Fannie Lou Hamer inspires the modern climate movement

During Black History Month, we celebrate US voting rights and food justice activist Fannie Lou Hamer. As well as famously advocating for civil rights in the 1960s, Hamer was a pioneer of grassroots farming cooperatives which have continued to inspire 21st century urban agriculture collectives.