The government approved a destructive new gas field. We’re taking them to court!

Jackdaw, a new gas field in the North Sea, got the go ahead this year. Now, we’re taking the government to court because they approved Jackdaw without checking the full impacts it would have on the climate.


Greenpeace is taking the government to court over their approval of Shell’s new gas field, Jackdaw.

Shell has been approved to drill four new gas wells in the Jackdaw field, off the coast of Aberdeen. Their plans were initially rejected last year, because of the potential harm it would cause to the environment and climate, but were re-submitted (without any significant changes) earlier this year and approved by the UK government.

Why we’re taking the government to court

We’re taking the UK government to court because they approved Jackdaw without checking the full impacts it would have on the climate – they basically didn’t calculate the emissions that would be produced by burning the gas from the field.

Burning fossil fuels like gas adds more heat-trapping pollution to the atmosphere, which is throwing the whole world’s climate out of balance. When burned, Jackdaw gas is set to generate more CO2 than Ghana does in one year.

By refusing to consider a majority of the emissions from Jackdaw, the government is sending us further down the path towards irreversible global heating. That means more extreme weather events, like the unprecedented heatwave we just experienced here in the UK. And the heatwaves, floods and droughts that continue to cause death and destruction globally.

Every time the government acts unlawfully to push through fossil fuel projects, Greenpeace will be ready to challenge them.

New gas fields won’t help with energy bills or energy security

The government knows that  new oil and gas projects are not the solution to tackling soaring energy bills. The truth is, Jackdaw will do nothing but make Shell richer, and make the climate crisis even worse.

It’s important to remember that although the Jackdaw field is in UK waters, the gas in it doesn’t belong to the UK – it’s Shell’s to exploit. And they’ll sell the gas to whichever country pays the most for it when production starts in 2025.

And because that global gas market is so huge, the extra gas from a field like Jackdaw won’t increase the total supply enough to noticeably bring down prices. So anyone telling you that Jackdaw will help with energy bills is wrong.

Instead of climate-wrecking new oil and gas projects, the government should focus on insulating our homes and doubling down on cheap, homegrown renewable energy. These will actually help tackle the cost of living and climate crises.

How you can help stop Jackdaw

Greenpeace is prepared to hold the government to account any time they act unlawfully to push through new oil and gas fields. But, we’ll need people power to pressure the government at every turn.

Thousands of people joined our action to demand Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng (the guy responsible for approving new oil and gas projects) ban all new North Sea oil and gas projects.

Screenshot showing 'Greenpeace' trending on Twitter

So, whether it’s tweeting Kwasi Kwarteng right now, writing to your MP, or attending a rally, we need you! We need your unique skill, passion and determination in this critical moment to fight for a just, liveable planet.

Together, we will put a stop to new oil and gas projects.

Join the movement to Stop Jackdaw, and all new oil and gas projects.

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