Watch: The hat that saved the world – an ocean adventure read by Drag Queen Story Hour UK

Aida H Dee The Storytime Drag Queen reads 'The Hat that Saved the World' - an environmental story for young children.


About The Hat That Saved The World

The Hat that Saved the World is about a little girl called Mishika who sails up to the Arctic to play with Bao, her polar bear friend. Mishika and Bao have the same hat which makes them very happy! But one day, the wind blows and blows and blows. It blows so hard her hat comes off, and far away it goes.

Chidiya, their friend the Arctic Tern, goes in search of Mishika’s hat and spots a little whale wearing it – but he’s swimming away. What a cheeky little whale!

So off they go, sailing down the ocean to chase the little whale. Along the way, ocean animals stuck in icky sticky oil spills, monstrous fishing nets, and nasty plastic waste cry out for help! But what’s more important? Mishika’s hat? Or helping to save their ocean friends?

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About the author

Meena Rajput is a Greenpeace activist who uses her experiences to inspire little ones – especially children of colour – to take action and protect the things they love.

“I want young children to learn that they have a powerful voice when it comes to protecting the things they love, and by working with their friends they can help make a difference to our world! Representation is also a core element of my storytelling as it is crucial that our children of colour have access to role models they can relate to, and that they are also imagined by society as heroes and change-makers of our world.”

About Drag Queen Story Hour UK

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Drag Queen Story Hour UK® provide fun and interactive kids’ shows with amazing and talented drag performers! Drag Queen Story Hour UK® wants to show the world that being different is not a bad thing, and by providing imaginative role models for children to look up to, we can change the world book by book.

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