Keep hope alive with a gift in your Will

Our world needs hope. Join a movement of people making positive change for the future of our natural world, by remembering Greenpeace with a gift in your Will today.

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Our future is built on the decisions we make today. Every day, we’re turning hope into action, powering the radical changes and new solutions we need for the future of our planet. Petitions, protests, pen to paper – extraordinary things happen when ordinary people work together. The future begins with us.

By leaving a gift to Greenpeace in your Will, you can keep putting hope into action, long after your lifetime.

Any gift, no matter the size, will help build the momentum we need to build a brighter future for our natural world. Gifts in Wills power 1 in 6 of our campaigns. Your gift would ensure we can keep:

  • holding governments and corporations to account with hard-hitting campaigns
  • leading scientific research that protects vulnerable ecosystems and safeguards nature worldwide
  • exposing those responsible for environmental crimes through independent journalism and undercover investigations.

Our world needs hope. Keep hope alive with a gift in your Will today.

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To find out more, arrange a call with our dedicated Gifts in Wills Officer Andrew Sturley on 020 7865 8116. Or simply enter your details and we’ll send you everything you need to get started – including our free digital guide.

Write your Will for free

Greenpeace supporters can write or update their will completely free of charge. There are two ways to do this.

National Free Wills Network

Have a local solicitor write your Will through the National Free Wills Network. Just call Andrew Sturley, our legacy officer, on 020 7865 8116 and he will connect you with a local participating solicitor.

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You can also make your Will for free online with Farewill (RRP £100) from the comfort of your own home and with live support from their Will specialists.

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Or if you prefer, you can make your Will over the phone with one of Farewill’s specialists.



Hope in action

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We believe that our biggest act of resistance is to stand together - full of passion and determined hope, united in our vision of the world we want to live in.

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Ensure the fight continues

Find out more about the impact of leaving a gift to Greenpeace in your Will.

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